• Dynamic Solutions Cabling Services are invisible, yet indispensable. Communicating efficiently and effectively from Point A to Point B. Not the most glamorous part of the tech world, but something everyone needs. So we make cabling really easy on you.

    We’ll come out to your facility, conduct a site survey, discuss your cabling needs (current and future), develop floor plans along with a quote, then get the job done. Did you forget to include cabling in your facility move? We will make last minute installations if needed. And we can handle emergency repairs or replacements of damaged fiber optic cables.

    We are pros at documentation, which simplifies compliance with local or state regulation.

    Our voice and data solutions include:

    • Category 3, 5E and 6 cables

    • Copper and fiber optic feeder cables (aerial, underground)

    • Coaxial for cable TV

    • High-count copper and fiber feeds

    • Single-mode and multi-mode fiber optics

    • Phone circuit extension

    • RF access points and equipment

    • Surveillance cameras

    • Nurse call systems

    • Paging systems

    • Cell phone repeater systems

    • Conduit installation


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