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  • Requesting Tech Support

    You can request Tech Support in these 3 simple ways

  • Call the Helpdesk

    You can call the help desk by calling:

    (248) 686-1146

    When calling after normal business hours, your call will be routed to our on-call technician.
    If you have to leave a message, your message will be routed to our entire support staff, where someone will respond very quickly.

  • Send an Email to the Helpdesk

    You can send a ticket to the help desk by sending an email which will automatically open a ticket on our help desk system.
    Just send an email to help@dynamicwebhost.net

  • Visit our Help Desk Portal

    You can access the help desk by clicking the Help Desk link at the top of every page, or you can access the Help Desk Portal by visiting: Dynamic Help Desk Portal where you can login and submit a ticket to our support staff around the clock.

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