• First Responders have a specialized needs that require a specialized skill set.  With our Certified Network Engineers and Specialists, we deliver the necessary support where and when you need it, with our special 24/7 tailored support, specifically for our First Responder community.

    It is critical for all of your IT systems to work, or lives could be at stake.  With our tailored solutions, we are able to ensure that all of your systems remain online, at all times.  We offer tailored solutions to monitor and maintain all of your computers and servers, all of your networking equipment, your phone system, and most importantly your equipment in your vehicles.  Our strategic partnerships allow us to provide top of the line support, when and where you need it, with above industry standard response times.
    We partner with Verizon to provide mobile communications on the fly when communication systems go down.  With our partnership with FirstNet, we can act as your account admin, freeing your personnel up for more critical tasks.  We also partner with top vendors to be able to purchase all of your "rugged" equipment needs.
    Our most popular service is our Virtual CIO (VCIO) service, where we work to formulate strategic IT goals for your company, and then manage an IT strategy and budget that meets those goals.  We manage the entire process for you, to supplement your existing IT staff, or become your IT staff.  this again frees all of your staff up to focus on more important tasks.
    Contact Us to learn more about how Dynamic Solutions can support your company.
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