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Concerned that your system is not giving you the performance that lets you work efficiently?

Wondering what to do or who you can trust to solve your problems?

Don't waste your time with having to take your system to a repair shop, have the service come to you.

Dynamic Solutions provides an affordable computer repair and home theater services in the Metro Detroit area. We offer onsite, in-home, in-office and remote services so you can be covered wherever life takes you. Dynamic Solutions provides:

  • Computer Setup and Repair:  Whether you have a new computer that needs to be setup for the first time, moving to another location, not functioning properly, our expert technicians will quickly setup, diagnose and repair your PC.  Have a Mac?  No problem.  We have trained technicians to help you. .
  • Network Services:  Have the freedom of using the internet throughout your home or office with a wireless network.  Our IT Professionals will come to your home or office and setup a secure and reliable network for you
  • Security and Virus Removal:  Our Technicians will get rid of any virus, spyware, malware, adware, and annoying pop-ups to get your system back to normal.  We also provide performance tuneups and data security.
  • Customized Servers and PC's:  We build customized PC's to suit your every need, whether you just need a basic pc to surf the web, a high-end gaming system to a high performance server, we can build the perfect system for you at an affordable price.
  • Customized Training Solutions:  With the ever changing technology, it is hard to keep up with all of the new products, features, software & systems.   Thats where we come in.  We have experience, certified professionals here to help teach and guide you on ANYTHING related to computers.  Whether its 1-on-1 or group training, we will customize a training solution designed just for you!  Worried about learning fancy technical jargon?  Don't worry, Our trainer will use language that you can understand, and work with you until you do understand.
  • Unlimited Web Hosting:  With our Unlimited Web Hosting you don't have to worry about monthly limits at all.  Switch to Dynamic Solutions and you will be saving hundreds of dollars, and receiving more, for Less.  Our hosting packages start at $60/yr. for our Unlimited package.  Switch and receive FREE* site transfer.
  • Website Design:  We turn visions into reality... Our professional design team can create the perfect website to fit your needs.  Absolutely no project is too large for us to handle.  Not only do we have a highly experienced designers, but we can complete projects quickly, with most projects being completed within a week, depending on site size.  

    Receive your FREE Quote today by filling out our quick and easy Quote Form.  If you would like to learn more about our design services, and to see our most recent designs check out our portfolio.

    Our promise to you is that our friendly, supportive trainers will work with you to make sure you understand and actually Learn, and not just listen to us talk. We use one approach, and one approach only, the Hands On approach.
    Contact us today to find out how Dynamic Solutions Online can help teach you new tricks

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